A call for micro-strategies to activate new public spaces.

January 22, 2017
Which micro-strategies can be developed through design to stimulate the birth of new forms of public space in small and large cities, with limited investments? Which new ideas can emerge to interpret the contemporary cultural and economic trends, by activating new programs in the urban context? What role for cultural institutions, such as museums or contemporary art centers, to promote new relations with the urban environment?

Un’idea, una città (An Idea, A City). Museo delle Terre Nuove (Museum of New Towns), housed in the prestigious Palazzo d’Arnolfo in the town of San Giovanni Valdarno (20 miles southeast of Florence, Italy), and Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea invite young designers to join a competition to conceive a micro-strategy aimed at redefining the relation between the museum and the city.

Design solutions that will define new experiences in public space are expected that will focus on the arcade of the ancient Palazzo d’Arnolfo and that will be practicable as permanent installations. Strategies of collaboration with local institutions, producers, or companies will be welcome. Entries should be inspired by the key topics offered by the Museum, whose galleries introduce the public to development on medieval urban planning, to further encourage interaction and social thinking on public space, art, and the environment.

Official website for this competition is the one of Museo delle Terre Nuove: www.museoterrenuove.it. The deadline for applications is February 28, 2017. By March 6, 2017 the jury including Pippo Ciorra, Richard Ingersoll, Gianni Pettena, Camilla Perrone, Gianpiero Venturini will nominate the winner or the winning team that will be invited to San Giovanni Valdarno for a one-week long residency, during which meetings with local institutions, citizens and partners will take place that will move the design strategy to the next step.

When the Municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno entrusted us with the organizational and communication activity for this competition, we saw it as another good occasion for our group to encourage young designers to embrace an experimental approach to architecture, to challenge the given conditions with the power of ideas.

At Image we are aware of the needs public administrations have and we hence based out actions on strong immediacy and accessibility. Our team is supporting the entire development of this program and our press office is constantly active to report on the competition process, to highlight the most prominent topics, to stimulate an active participation on the part of young designers and to disseminate proposals and strategies.

We kindly invite interested young designers to access the competition call here.