July 12, 2011
On the occasion of the festival ARCHITETTURA IN CITTÀ (Turin, July 13-17), Image ARCHIVE collaborates with the Ordine degli Architetti di Torino and with the Fondazione OAT by offering to the public a program of architecture videos that interpre the theme "Where the city ends"

The videos were selected by Image ARCHIVE to inaugurate the festival and describe a series of current trends: the search for new visual expressions that interpret changed perceptions and new architectural ideas; the work on tools of observation and prefiguration of urban phenomena; the definition of narrative forms that aim at emphasizing the potential of audio-visual tools in the field of architecture and urban planning.

Among the selected videos: Rob Carter (Metropolis, US 2008); Pilar Ortiz (watching time go by my bedroom window, CL 2008); Plasmatic Concepts (Peripheral Landscapes, US 2007); Marina Chernikova (URBAN SURFING II b/w, NL 2007); Eva Sommeregger (*.scape, UK 2007); Muoto Architectes (Concerto for Infrastructures, FR 2008); Laboratorio PermanentePietro Ferrario e Andrea Bot (La conquista dell'orizzonte, IT 2011); Keiichi Matsuda (The Technocrat Retrofit of London, UK 2009); squint/opera (Post Barnsley, UK 2003). The video screening will be introduced by Paola Ricco, curator at Image ARCHIVE, at the Infopoint di Palazzo Bertalazone di San Fermo, on Wednesday July 13 at 7 pm. Marco Brizzi, director at Image, will participate in the talk show titled "Where the city ends" scheduled for Sunday July 17 at the Teatro Gobetti, via Rossini 8, at 8 pm, at the closing of the festival.

Image has been following the evolution of the interaction between video and architecture since 1997, by starting the BEYOND MEDIA festival and founding Image ARCHIVE, both dedicated to the advancement of video in the representation of contemporary architecture.