“Hic Sunt Leones”, a new film directed by Jordi Bernardó.

May 05, 2014
We are happy to present “Hic Sunt Leones”, a new film directed by Jordi Bernardó, where a new work of architecture is both the object of uncommon observations and the source for subverting narratives about space, has been just released. This short fiction is produced by 15-L. Films and set in the new Mas d’Enric Penitentiary, designed by AiB arquitectes and Estudi PSP Arquitectura and built in El Catllar (Catalonia, Spain). Final activation of the penitentiary is planned for the end of 2014. A new book, “CRITICAL PRISON DESIGN”, has been also published in April 2014 by Actar, authored by architect Roger Paez (principal at AiB arquitectes).

"COMUNICARE ARCHITETTURA" symposium at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

February 16, 2014
Marco Brizzi, director at Image, will participate in "COMUNICARE ARCHITETTURA" symposium at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, Italy, on Thursday February 20, 2013. "Can architecture be a means of communication? How can its social significance be communicated to the general public?" These are some of the questions that Margherita Guccione, Director for Architecture at the MAXXI, will ask to the invited observers and scholars: Francine Fort, director at arc en rêve centre d'architecture; Kathy Macewen, coordinator for the Cabe program at the Design Council in London; Adri Duinvensteijn, senator in the Netherlands and former councillor at the Municipality of Almere; Pippo Ciorra, senior curator for Architecture at the MAXXI; Stefano Boeri, architect, professor and politician; Nicola Di Battista, director at Domus magazine; Roberto Pisoni, director at Sky Arte; Simone Rots, Crimson Architecture Historians; Ruedi Baur, graphic designer; Victoria Thorton, director at Open House; Ellen Van Loon, partner at OMA. Marco Brizzi will join the conference in a special talk with Jules Coke, from squint/opera. "Learning from videos" will be the topic of their conversation.

AREA PROGETTI, UNA2. "Le Creste" Cultural Center, Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno), Italy.

February 03, 2014
We are pleased to announce that AREA PROGETTI and UNA2 recently completed a Cultural Center in Rosignano Marittimo, small seaside town in Tuscany, which opened to the public last December. The Center has already become a meeting point for citizens, thus meeting the Municipality's objective to turn the neighborhood into a new area vibrant with activity. The architects wished for its space to be perceived as a network of arteries connected to the urban fabric in order to integrate with it rather than act as a self-referential object. "Le Creste" Cultural Centre is the result of an international design competition launched by the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo in 2007. At a time of economic, social and cultural crisis, this new architecture designed by AREA PROGETTI and UNA2 confirms that quality is possible and desirable in the creation of a public work, even in a period characterized by a lack of resources and thanks to the committed participation of several parties.

MDU architetti. New Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Prato, Italy.

December 15, 2013
We are pleased to announce that MDU architetti recently completed the New Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Prato, Italy. The project represents one of the first examples in Prato, Italy, in the public works sector, of the conversion of an existing structure originally used for production. The new design of the building is delicate and respectful towards the old structure, but it is also able to establish new relationships with the city thanks to special slits that transform the inner court in an open public space.


June 16, 2013
LIVING ARCHITECTURES MARATHON, a tour from 27 June to 20 September 2013, will present “Living Architectures” in some of the main exhibition institutions in Italy. The series of five films by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine recount in surprising ways the life of works of architecture designed by some of the most famous architects of our time: Rem Koolhaas, Richard Meier, Frank Gehry,Renzo Piano, and Herzog & De Meuron. Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine have just produced a publication in several volumes which includes all five films of the series “Living Architectures”, as well as considerable documentation on their production: this is an impressive work, which expresses with great strength and incisiveness the unusual and piercing point of view that the two filmmakers have reserved for famous architecture of our time. Each presentation will be based on a free screening of the series of films and will offer the public an opportunity to meet the filmmakers along with several other special guests.