February 15, 2011
On Tuesday February 22, 2011 at 6 pm, at the Feltrinelli bookstore in via Cerretani 30r in Florence, FFF Firenze Fast Forward magazine www.firenzefastforward.it, directed by Gianni Sinni and aimed at raising the city's awareness on civic design, proposes a reflection on the topic of DESIGN ACTIVISM IN FLORENCE. In recent times, in fact, the city has proved its ability to be a place where activities can happen that redefine the relationship with public space, that motivate civic activism, that trigger participation. It's the case, for example, of cultural crusades, such as the "cacerolazo" that, in the past month, have moved through the city at the sound and rhythm of pots and pans. In addition, visual communication plays a fundamental role, supported by social networks and the Web in general.

Starting from these considerations, and on the occasion of the publication of the third issue of FFF, this meeting will offer an opportunity to discuss the language of politics and a bottom-up approach to design and communication. With Lapo Binazzi, architect, Enzo Brogi, regional councilor, Lea Fiorentini, among the promoters of the Italy is not a brothel movementKatia Giuliani, social designer, Peppino Ortoleva, Professor of Media History and Theory, and with Marco Brizzi and Gianni Sinni of FFF.