Congregating resources helps to face new design challenges.

May 23, 2016
Multiple actions, widely distributed through selected Italian cities, are underway to collect proposals and effective solutions to emergent design challenges. Diverse topics are at the basis of meetings between Italian and Dutch professionals, promoted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome. That's Sfide delle Città.

Time for Impact, curated by Gianpiero Venturini (Itinerant Office / New Generations) together with Marthijn Pool (space&matter) is one of the 7 projects financed by the Embassy after a call that was launched last year. It will take place during the 15. Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, starting May 26, 7:00 PM with an open discussion and a party at the Serra dei Giardini.

Time for Impact is a an online platform that works as an Architectural Time Bank and Kickstarting Tool, promoting urgent challenges in the built environment that are in need of design expertise, spatial know-how and budget. Creative people from all over the world are invited to pledge their time and know-how to collectively boost socially relevant projects.

"This years' Biennale, curated by Alejandro Aravena, highlights a broad selection of projects that showcase a high impact factor," the Italian and Dutch curators say. "As architecture touches on all relevant levels of society, we consider it's important to increase public awareness of the phenomenon. Architecture has risked to grow apart from society in the past few decades. However younger generations of architects are fully aware of their role and potential for impact on society, when using their skills in the right way."

Please also follow the other actions, part of the Sfide delle Città program, curated by Denise Houx and Inge de Boer (ROOFdinners, Milan and Turin), BAM! Strategie Culturali and Polo museale della Campania with Rijksmuseum and Open Cultuur Data (Wikimuseums, Naples), Carlo Capra and Associazione 4Tunnel with IammyCity (Spazi Centrali, Milan), Jeroen Laven and Gert Jan te Velde with Università Roma Tre and Eutropian (The City at Eye Level, Rome), Temporiuso and SUPERUSE Studios (Mappa dei cicli di riuso dei Mercati Generali, Milan), Itinerant Office / New Generations and Amateur Cities (Urgent City, Florence.)

In order to sustain with communication actions this project and the others carried out all over Italy in 2016 Image developed for the Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome a flexible strategy aiming at keeping together professionals from both Italy and The Netherlands and summarizing the results of this extraordinary venture.

Please join us in Venice at Serra dei Giardini on May 26 to take part in this action, starting 7:00 PM, and follow the Sfide delle Città program on social media.


Flores & Prats Architects + Duch-Pizá. Casal Balaguer, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

May 21, 2016
The new Cultural Center Casal Balaguer, designed by Flores & Prats with Duch-Pizá, is completed. The project is a renovation of a historical house in the center of Palma de Mallorca. After a two- decade long process that had architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats confront themselves with the physicality of history, a new surprising life has been given to the building.

Image MEDIA AGENCY, in charge of communication for this recently completed project, is ready to provide materials on it to interested journalists. Please visit http://www.image-web.org/press_area/projects or contact us at press@image-web.org to receive the full press kit.

Mork-Ulnes Architects. Troll Hus in Sugar Bowl, California.

February 22, 2016
Mork-Ulnes Architects just completed a cozy, contemporary and eco-friendly retreat in a ski village perched atop Lake Tahoe's Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada, in northern California. Troll Hus was commissioned by a retired couple as a second home for their three children and partners, and seven grandchildren. A pleasant mountain haven for an extended family of fifteen, with a constant visual reference to nature.

Image MEDIA AGENCY, in charge of communication for this recently completed project, is ready to provide materials on it to interested journalists. Please visit http://www.image-web.org/press_area/projects or contact us at press@image-web.org to receive the full press kit.

Parco Centrale di Prato international competition.

February 16, 2016
The Municipality of Prato in Italy recently launched an international two-phase design competition for a new 3-hectare urban park in its historical center. This is a unique opportunity for this city in Tuscany to express a new, contemporary urban vision. For designers, this competitions may represent an occasion to reconsider the relationship between the historical city and the environment, today.

The deadline for applications is February 29, 2016. By mid-March the international jury -presided by Bernard Tschumi and including Michelle Provoost, Sébastien Marot, Roberto Zancan, and Francesco Procopio- will select a maximum of ten entrants who will be admitted to the competition phase. By the end of June a winner will be announced who will be commissioned with the project for the Parco Centrale di Prato.

When the Municipality of Prato entrusted us with media relations for this competition, we put into play all our experience and our network of contacts, so as to establish the best possible relationship between the city of Prato and the best designers who are active at a national and international level. At Image we are aware of the needs public administrations have and we hence based out actions on strong immediacy and accessibility. Our team is supporting the entire development of this program and our press office is constantly active to report on the competition process, to highlight the most prominent topics and to stimulate an active participation both on the part of citizens and of the widest community of professionals.

Please visit the official website and follow the evolution of the competition on its active social media pages

In South Korea, to refine the agenda for the Seoul Architecture Biennale.

October 23, 2015
Marco Brizzi, director at Image and editor-in-chief at The Architecture Player, is in Seoul, South Korea, invited by Young Joon Kim and Alejandro Zaera-Polo to participate in a series of meetings aimed at refining the agenda and the topics for the Seoul Architecture Biennale, scheduled to open in 2017. Several items are being discussed, also on the occasion of a two-day symposium that sees the participation, among others, of Aaron Betsky, Beatriz Colomina, Joseph Grima, Francisco Sanin, Saskia Sassen, and Mark Wigley.

An exhibition"RE : CITY. VIDEO STORIES ON THE ARCHITECTURE TO COME"conceived by Image and made in collaboration with The Architecture Player, offers additional elements for discussion and reflection. 

RE : CITY has been conceived as an interlocutory device aiming at investigating how architecture visions are expressed by architects, in video. Projects are offered as a 40 years long journey through the most diverse and speculative explorations of the future living environment, ranging in scale from the Planet, the Megacity, the City, all the way to the Building and the Apartment.  From early architecture films by Superstudio to the most recent videos by BIG, through other great visions by some of the greatest architectural offices of our times.

All exhibited works are part of the Architecture Player project www.architectureplayer.com

Among the short films' authors, we con mention: Superstudio, MVRDV, FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise, Squint/Opera, John Szot, ArtefactoryLab, Taller de Casquería, Jordi Bernadó, 15-L. Films, MIR, Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation, UNStudio,  Imagen Subliminal, Gabriel Kogan, Pedro Kok, Yung Ho Chang.