"What's the architecture for tomorrow?" With Philippe Rahm.

April 12, 2015
On Wednesday April 15 Marco Brizzi, Image director, will be at the Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato, Italy for a conversation with Philippe Rahm, part of the event series titled "CAMBIAMENTI / CHANGES", aimed at exploring the social, political and economic revolutions the world is facing today, small or big as they may be.

How much does climate influence design and the architectural language? Has climate change altered our habits? Is it affecting architecture and redesigning our dwellings? What role do new technologies play in redefining space on the basis of primary biological needs? And, following the principles of meteorological architecture, we should probably ask ourselves "What's the architecture for tomorrow?" Philippe Rahm will offer his original outlook on architecture and on the impact that climate change has on the transformation of our cities.

"The Lost City": a conversation between Yung Ho Chang and Marco Brizzi.

February 12, 2015
On Tuesday February 17, Marco Brizzi, Image director, will be at the Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato, Italy for a conversation with Yung Ho Chang, part of the event series titled "CAMBIAMENTI / CHANGES", aimed at exploring the social, political and economic revolutions the world is facing today, small or big as they may be.

Yung Ho Chang, founder of China's first private architecture firm (FCJZ Atelier Feichang Jianzhu in Beijing) and former Head of the Department of Architecture at MIT, will talk about the delicate balance that exists between tradition and innovation in contemporary architecture. His lecture is titles "The Lost City. The Architect Between Tradition and Innovation".

"Critical Environments" at the MART in Rovereto, Italy.

January 30, 2015
On Sunday February 8, Image will be at the MART Museum in Rovereto, Italy with "CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS", a program including a screening of architecture videos and a talk. Taking cue from the series of events the MART organized to celebrate the centenary of the First World War, "Critical Environments" starts by focusing on the theme of conflict.

"Architecture in place of conflict"
is the first part of the video screening program and presents places where war and environmental conflict occurred. A short talk will follow. Pietro Valle (architect and architectural critic), Cristiana Collu (MART director), Enrico Morteo (architect and historian of industrial design) and Alberto Winterle (architect and president of the Institute of Architects in Trento) will be involved in a discussion moderated by Marco Brizzi (architect and director at Image). 

"Architecture open to the public", the second part of the screening, will focus on buildings for public use. Shared by a community, public space could be the realm where conflicts can be resolved. The screening includes videos by 15-L. Films, Fiona Meadows, Frédéric Nantois, Roberto Rizzo, Luis Urculo, Simone Muscolino, Francesco Monaco, Edoardo Arroyo, Miguel de Guzmán, Adrià Goula, Cristobal Palma, Tomas Koolhaas

The event is scheduled in conjunction with the finissage of the exhibition "Alvaro Siza", ongoing at the MART until February the 8th.

"Critical Environments" is promoted by the Institute of Architects of Trento and curated by Image, in collaboration with the Architecture Player.

BLANKPAGE Architects. Amchit Residence, Lebanon.

December 01, 2014
BLANKPAGE Architects recently completed an elegant beach house, perched along the ruggedly picturesque coastline in Lebanon, that offers exceptional views of the Mediterranean Sea. A pleasant seaside haven for a family of four that monopolizes on the beautifully warm Lebanese weather, inviting light in while maintaining privacy and security. In a city like Beirut, where urban chaos and changes are substantial, and where designers are constantly searching for a definition of a cultural identity, the architects at BLANKPAGE have been able to distill a language of their own, one that is capable to learn many lessons from history and to reinvent itself according to time, context and given conditions.

Image MEDIA AGENCY, in charge of communication for this recent project, is ready to provide materials on it to interested journalists. Please visit http://www.image-web.org/press_area/projects or contact us at press@image-web.org to receive the full press kit.

Image participates in Videominuto.

November 28, 2014
Tonight at 9:30 pm Image will participate in the 22nd edition of Videominuto at the Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy with a program of architecture videos titled "Architecture at the edge of the city".

Simone Muscolino, Francesco Monaco, Cliostraat, Alejandro Aravena, Francesca Benedetto, Federico Bernocchi, Davide Rapp, TYIN tegnestue Architects, Juan Carlos Lorza, Giancarlo Mazzanti Arquitectos, Pablo Casals Aguirre, Hexa\Video, SoWhat will help the audience to look at these places where an extraordinary propensity for change exists, but is often nullified by indifference or oblivion. And architecture itself is often incapable of treasuring such potential. The eyes of those who inhabit our peripheries are beautiful, as are those of the nomads as they are used to searching. At the same time, as we explore these places which we often describe with words that merely express the absence of something, the cameras open up to stories and landscapes that are dense with emotions and tensions. And these are not the social tensions we are used to witness as they burst into inevitable conflicts sometimes.

After the screening, Andrea Mi and Marco Brizzi will coordinate a discussion on the topic of "mending our peripheries" with Massimo Alvisi, Eloisa Susanna, Francesco Lorenzo, Simone Mangani, Valerio Barberis, Massimo Bressan, Angelo Formichella, Stefano Pezzato.